Who are these energy people that are constantly calling me?

Our experience says they are disreputable “chop shops” or call centers from out of state.  Many are not licensed to do business in your state. Beware, we have seen many horror stories and seen the damage they have caused.

We are very different.  We are regional experts and like to have in-person meetings and get to know you, your business and understand what your energy needs are.  We want to be a part of your procurement team and have a long-term relationship that benefits everyone.

We like to work with people that we know, like and trust.

Aren’t brokers all the same?

Not at all.  Many brokers are now owned by large energy companies and suppliers.  So, when they make you a proposal, they may be self-dealing and you are not getting an unbiased/independent assessment of your options.  Also, many other brokers are not located in your region, they are simply call centers from out of state trying to hit sales quotas and are not interested in a long-term relationship or what is best for you and your business. Northeast Energy Advisors is owned and operated by local energy experts that are focused on delivering value to you. And our low overhead structure enables us to pass savings directly to you, the client. 

Aren’t suppliers all the same?

There are many suppliers out there and they are not created equal. Some suppliers are publicly traded multinational corporations and some are fly-by-night and financially weak with no physical assets at all.  Be careful before you commit your hard-earned money.  Northeast Energy Advisors has evaluated each supplier we use based on their financial strength, supply assets, billing systems, customer service and leadership.  If a supplier does not meet our evaluation requirements, we do not use them.  We will not put you or your business into a contract with a suspect supplier.

How do you get paid?

Northeast Energy Advisors is flexible and we try to be as transparent and as customer friendly as possible.  We have some clients that prefer to have a monthly retainer arrangement, other clients prefer to have any fees imbedded into the energy bills. We will work with you for the best solution.

Aren’t energy supply agreements all the same?

They are not.  There is often very subtle language that can make the difference between a successful contract and one that costs you money and heartache.  Further, a sales agreement can identify the strengths and weaknesses of the supplier.  Do they pass through items? How are usage variances handled? Do they include some taxes? No taxes? What happens in a regulatory change?  What happens when you drop an account?  All of these issues should be considered as you determine the best supplier and energy product for you.  The evaluation of energy contracts and prices is where Northeast Energy Advisors shines for our clients.

Should my bill price match my contract price?

That depends on the contract you signed.  Some contracting numbers include Gross Receipts Tax and all components.  Some contracts pass through certain items. The most important thing is that you understand what you have signed and have a clear expectation of your costs should be.

Can my rate increase and the market be lower? How can this happen?

This is possible.  Rates my increase due to your monthly billing structure if you are under a monthly index price or a market “float” arrangement. If you in a renewal situation, it may happen because of the individual characteristics of your load profile and the future impact of the energy components that make up your supply price.

When should I start looking at renewal pricing?

Northeast Energy Advisors takes a different approach to the question.  We are always looking for savings opportunities for our clients.  When it comes to purchasing a volatile commodity like electric and natural gas, market timing is a major influence and can make the difference in your operational budget between costing and saving you money compared to your last budget. When you wait until the end of the contract, you are subjecting yourself to the volatility of the market.  And can become its bitch.