Northeast Energy Advisors started in 2007 educating our clients on how to purchase electricity and natural gas more effectively and at the lowest cost in the marketplace. Today, we have retained our clients by offering our objective and unbiased energy advisory services.  Our proven energy procurement solutions navigate the complexities and exploit the opportunities of a dynamic energy market for our commercial and industrial clients.

Client Focus

Northeast Energy Advisors understands each client has a unique energy supply requirement and cost challenge. Our objective is to enhance our clients purchasing team as their value-added energy advisor. We don’t take this lightly. We are here for our clients after we help recommend and select an energy supplier. We continue to monitor the market for the next opportunity.  And we immediately address any energy related concerns or questions that may arise during the term of the sales agreement. We are a unique resource since we originated your supply deal and are here to service any ongoing billing and account issues that may occur.  Northeast is your full teammate for energy supply.

Our Promise to YOU

Our energy experts love what they do; and energy procurement is ALL we do.  We have over 50 years of energy procurement experience and have worked with some of the largest clients in the US.  We have access to ALL the licensed suppliers as the big shops, but we have the lowest overhead in our space.  As a result, we can pass this SAVINGS onto our clients!

Northeast Energy Advisors is a registered broker in Pennsylvania, Ohio and Maryland.  We also provide assistance to our clients that have facility requirements in other deregulated markets

 Northeast Energy Advisors is:

  • An independent, objective energy procurement group
  • 100% aligned with your budget and cost objectives
  • Lowest over-head structure in the marketplace resulting in the lowest rates offered to our clients

Northeast Energy Advisors is NOT:

  • A “preferred” sales agent for any one supplier
  • A self-serving energy telemarketer
  • A subsidiary of a utility company that needs to report to shareholders